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“Fashion is a part of my life as it makes my life full of exciting like everlastingly journey. Many designers have created artwork for me and other to enjoy in mix and match cloth to be our own style. Thus, fashion is like the world that we were people who addicted to artist while the designers were artists. We can choose to take what we like or love in workmanship that changes upon the seasons. To me, fashion is the world of art that pass on to form of clothing for us to wears, by us who are the people who selected each of item to make it outstanding design of our own and remain personal character. This makes me want to pass on myself through fashion and art, which like the pair of shoes that walk with us in places on each living day.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Krist Krittawat. Krist is actually my nickname that was given by my friend in London, so, I use it as a nickname since then.

When were you born?

I was born on 7th July 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 18 years old, still very much teenager.

When did you interested or like fashion?

Actually, to say like is not quite correct, because I love it. As far as I remember, when I was child at the age around 5 years old, every weekend I would put on high heel shoes and walk around, exactly, just like model on runways. (LOL). But please, I am a man so it is like I was born to be.


Krist – The Fashion Brasserie