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Anna Cleveland: An outstanding model from FW16 Haute Couture Week !!!

anna cleveland

Without an outstanding model, the creation of designers would be expressed in the way it is not supposed to be which has an effect on the intention of the designers not to reach to a million of audiences both in front of the runway and those who watching through the brands’ website including social media. Today, Birls is proud to present a strong-character Norwegian model; Anna Cleveland, a daughter who is as a representative on runway of her mother, Patricia Cleveland; a former supermodel in her 66th year. People would absolutely gossip about it if a daughter of a former supermodel is talentless, but anyway, Anna has completely proved that her ability and superabundant inner power made her to be on runways of Chanel, Jean Paul Gautier or Zac Posen. The most remarkable runway that she was a part of it would be Moschino, even she was not in Finale but nothing less than that with her strong inner power with weird kind of walk which we couldn’t force not to smile. As Haute Couture in this season, she splashed her inner power all over and entertained the runway, it can be said that, she can really make a runway on fire. If you can’t imagine what I’ve said, let’s take a look!

How is it? Even Anna no pretty face or fame comparing to other models, but she has instead the originality with her inner power that entirely identify herself until she’s becoming outstanding. She’s considered to be one of the models that a long queue of designers desire to work with her as Marc Jacobs has already chosen her to be one of the models in Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign.

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