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    Extreme fun and unique as Ashish Gupta always does! Boogie night vibes spread over LFW when models came parading down with head to toe colour blocking with matching colour co-ordinated giant afro wigs. Those wigs look like little fluffy clouds and we seem to live in the city of rainbow with the palettes from every shade of spectrum that make our world so vivacious! Inspired from the 80’s luxury couture. He’d initially been inspired by a box of crayons and the 70’s disco styling. This collection is dedicated to PARTY and PARTY. With spaghetti strap dress with super sequins which fabulous when you walk into the party and if it’s not enough Ashish offers shimmery sequined pyjamas for you. There are 34 looks and over 50 different types of fringe in the collection—crystals, beads and sequins prove that Ashish is the sequin king!

     With incredible detailing where models swayed, covered in sparkles & jewels that swayed and shimmied their way down the runway in full force.He used items of the everyday wardrobe, the trench coat, a biker jacket, cardigan, denim jacket, shorts, hoodie and everything with sequins even boxing pants, making such a sparking outfits day.

     This collection just waits for people who want to be eye-catching in those flamboyant dressed. I’m pretty certain that Lily Allen and Mylie Cyrus would spend her money on this shimmery collection A LOT.

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