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Balenciaga – Spring Summer 2017

balenciaga ss17

As Burberry has combined the shows for Menswear and Womenswear together, the schedule of London Collection mens is therefore available. This is also the reason that some main editors has paused for the fashion show. Burberry has to deal with economy crisis of the brand, to say, it is not only Burberry but most brands.

For Balenciaga, the latest highly popular of the year, Demma Gvasalia has announced his coming by creating the first Men Collection fashion show with Balenciaga. It was the first time since Cristobal Balenciaga has founded this house (but who knows if it would be the only one time or not!).

Gvasalia applies a proverb “Cloth make a man” to this collection. Absolutely that many might wonder whether it is possible, but Gvasalia has proved that he can make it. He used 2 techniques; expansion and shrunken. We can see a shape of expanded shoulder length of suit as he considered that the clothes are crucial not matter what shape they have. The second technique; shrunken, Gvasalia has answered the different questions. In this time, a man will be the one who defines the clothes instead.

It can be seen that there’s the picture of a man who wear tight clothes with extraordinary shape of the body included the muscle that tighten with the texture of the clothes. It is the origin of Man makes the clothes, to say, the shape of the body defines the clothes. In this collection, it can be seen that Gvasalia is obsessed with spiritual ceremony and also brought it to the collection.

He has selected supplier in Vatican who procue brocades silk for Pope Cardinal as red and purple silk has revealed in the collection which also inspired by the priest. Another talk of the town of the first collection is Bazar Shopping bag or it is a rainbow bag. But this time, Gvasalia has selected shopping bag of IKEA into his collection which we should keep an eye on the feedback of Menswear SS17 collection.

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