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Beyonce served Lemonade “Lemonade” , an impressive album from our queen, Beyonce. This is her sixth album after she started her solo career as a diva since debuted as a destiny child’s member. She was known as her powerful voice, her sexy figure dancing strongly with her splendid steps, her lovely husband (now he’s still lovely to me, who knows?) and her devotion toward equality of women especially black women.To sum up, she is a black icon! She released a one hour visual album on HBO channel and streaming on Tidal, a music application by Jay-Z. A combination of a music video and personal essay so this album contains with 11 tracks telling the various mood: broken, hurt, redemption, forgiveness and yes, love. Maybe this is the story of Beyonce’s life that she wanted to tell us? or they were just written for some reasons?, nobody knows except our Queen B. And what she won’t miss is conveying her strong attitude for feminism. She stands for #BlackLivesMatter and the right of humanity whether they’re black, white or yellow. It’s obvious that Queen B wanted to present this subject under the extravagant costume. (That’s why I really love her.) Began with the women squad, played by mega black women stars.

They are in white Victorian lace dress as if they were in the scene of 12 years a slave. Telling the history of black people, what they lost , what they fight for, what they gain and what they dream to. As we know, there are no black slaves in this century but an inequality between the race is what we still see in nowadays. That is the problem and Beyonce created his masterpiece. They divined into 11 parts metaphor with her 11 tracks , 11 emotions. All of the things that we feel, they are mostly the result of love. What we really into and perhaps live for. Thus, let see what are there in this delicious Lemonade.

1) INTUITION with a track name “Pray You Catch Me” when she realised that her lover cheated on her and of course, betraying our queen is such a shame.

2) DENIAL – “Hold Up” It’s general when we know that our boyfriend cheated on us. It’s hard to accept this ugly truth.

3) ANGRY – “Don’t Hurt Yourself” a rock beat song when she catch the truth. Obviously, she must be angry and yep emotional.

4) APATHY “Sorry” Neglecting his apologise. Keep calm and stay fabulous in Beyonce’s way. And the highlight of this part is we met Ms. Serena William, a tennis grand slam champion. She is the golden girl and received many acclaim from the world. When Queen of Wimbledon x Queen of R&B, the unforgettable scene happened. When you saw Serena used her extra skill that you have never seen. She danced seductively and twerk in diva’s level 99. I am almost faint and keep talking to myself “Oh my gosh, that’s really Serena !?” I can confirm that she did it as great as when she was on the court!

5) EMPTINESS “6 Inch” Telling the lifetime when she had to live without her lover. She had to keep forwarding and stay strong. Even though she really loves him and when he hurts her, it’s hard to live with a guy who made you cry. And this is a key message. Nobody can hurt you and only yourself can make you get better and prove that tears make you stronger.

6) ACCOUNTABILITY “Daddy’s Lesson” Saxophone in the beginning and acoustic guitar. When he returned and showed that he wanted her back. All the lesson that daddy taught her flash back into her memory.I love this part which showing a warm black community that made me think of my family.They are people who always have goodwill for you whether anything happened. It’s really pure and beautiful

7) REFORMATION “Love Drought” When you still got the love for him. No matter he cruelly hurted you, you has a hope for getting him back and start again.

8) FORGIVENESS “Sandcastle” They said “A true love is forgiveness.” Defeating the obstacles by love and understanding. The ballade exposing her powerful voice and ultra feeling toward this love song.

9) RESURRECTION “Forward” It’s not easy to forgive and forget but when that person is truly important to you, all those problems were just particles. The stronger relationship started after this. And in this part Beyonce invited mother of Mike Brown and Trayvon Martins, two black teenagers who were shot by police without reason, to star in this visual album. In order to reminisce the death of the two and encourage people to support #BlackLivesMatter

10) HOPE “Freedom” Talking about hope and the support from her girl squad. Do you remember when you was weak as hell and called your BFF? The friendship between women is stronger than guy knows. And this scene is the Queen convention and the guest list must be cool girls only. The lists included Amandla Stenberg (Do you remember Rue from The Hunger games? Now she is not only an actress but also an artist and you will see her work on @arthoecollective ), Zendaya Colemand and Winnie Harlow aka Chantelle the extraordinary model from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21. They came up with very stylish looks and yaaas! that attitude! And the last track.

11) REDEMPTION “All Night” the happy ending and beautiful beginning of everything. (Implied that she won’t divorce with Jay-Z, or this is just a song?) The footage of many lovers shared their precious moment together including the Carters and little Blue Ivy. They are perfect when they are together. Beyonce said between track “Freedom” and “All night” that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It means that when your life gets bitter, you should change it into a good and sweet things. Like turn a sour lemon into a juicy lemonade.

And she also mentioned what Jay-Z grandmother speech “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade” proved that all the problems that she faced make her found the power insider herself and defeat them! And of course, this is Birlsmag and what we live for is what we dress for. The costume and sets were awesome. They are perfectly selected by Marni Senofonte. He Built A Stunning Narrative. He said “If you look at the visual album, you will see an African influence that touches on her heritage, where she comes from…Beyoncé told me that in New Orleans—I don’t know what the year was—black women were not allowed to show their hair. So that’s where those head wraps came from.” The videos are full of fashion names, including Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli, Saint Laurent (the dress and shoes in “Denial”); Hood by Air and Yeezy (coat and top in “Don’t Hurt Yourself”); Rosie Assoulin (off-the-shoulder peach top); and Phelan (worn by Zendaya).

Beginning with grand opening, Beyonce in a mustard yellow ruffled Roberto Cavalli number, a Hood by Air fur coat over a grey Yeezy crop top/leggings set, followed by a series of dramatic gowns and Victorian-style bodysuits. And gold jacquard blazer from Gucci. There was a lot of African print and gold. Royal, regal African images. There was a lot of white, antebellum vibes and hats and collars, vintage Gaultier and McQueen. But it is also full of names most people have never heard of: the Kuwait designer Yousef alJasmi (the crystal bodysuit in “Sorry”); the New York-based Zana Bayne (the leather cone bra worn à la Nefertiti); the Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran (a high-necked orange ball gown with jet embroidered geometry). It is packed with historical references and vintage pieces; white (lots of white) wedding dresses (including her own) and slip dresses and lace high-necked Victorian body suits. They give you ethnic, street, boho and glamour looks make this video became one of her masterpiece.

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