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Now I’ll chattering about the girls who dare to go on diet to be able to wear Zac Posen before walking on to the red carpet, but why would they suffer themselves for, when the precious food can be eaten without getting fat, because it has been crowned as Super food. It is easy to digest and contain ample nutrition such protein as much as 16-18%, included other nutrition such as fiber, amino acid that vital for the body as in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

l8  800px-Quinoa_closeup

It provides more nutrition than other plant seed in the world. It has 2 time more fiber than brown rice, and has amino acid which body uses to produces protein in order to repair deteriorate part of the body. Eating quinoa will gain protein and apart from that are fiber and good fat as well as low fat carbohydrate. Moreover, it does not raise the level of sugar in blood. It is the magical food for people who are on diet. It is all good, does not it has negative point and the answer is “NO”. For you ladies who like to wear beautiful bikini, but unable to stop eating do not forget the Quinoa for your food.



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