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The red Valentino shoes did strike the eyes since it walked into the luxury Brasserie. The minute she put down her Lady Dior handbag as well as grabs the menu, she ordered Pan fried crab and lobster with caviar. She really has a high-class taste. I glanced and notice her manner on the dinner food and could see that she was like a really well trained for it. My curiosity made me wonder that “who is she?” and I couldn’t help but whisper with the manger of the Brasserie, and that was when I knew she is a princess. That was why my nose smells the Royal scent from a far. The followers of brasserie would know about the luxury food from Caspian Sea, but the most precious is, undeniable, caviar which obtains from the Sturgeon fish. It is famous among royal family, noble people as well as celebrities. The precious price comes with equally precious value coz it has Vitamin A, B6, B12, D, Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. It start from adjust the skin to a better health, skin look young, reduce the wrinkle, repair and rejuvenating skin cells with moisture deep into skin. Help to increase effectiveness for the skin to better burn and dispose waste. Retain moisture and anti-oxidant in your skin to make your skin hydrating, look bright and lively again. This beautiful and classy precious caviar from Caspian Sea.

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