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     Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat or “Magic pen” is claimed to be the first brand who invented by YSL. The product is proudly presented and tempting with the character of the product or the quality claimed by numbers of blogger. Touche Éclat may be known as under eye concealer, but it can be applied on other areas of the face as well. Touche Éclat was available only 3 shades in the past. Presently, 2 more shades are available to 5 shades for the yellow undertone skin. Let’s get into the details of this product. YSL’s feature gives you brighten and freshen look with average coverage. If your skin is yellow undertone and you need more coverage, you may change from shade 0.5 to one digit shade for more coverage. Clearly, the pen’s ability differs from concealer, it cannot be applied to cover the large pimples or obvious blemish (no such problems for me #notbeingoverconfident) Lastly, Touche Éclat released with the price of 1,700 Baht 

let’s check out Tips & Tricks of this Touche Éclat Magic Pen.

In case that you desire to brighten the area around the eyes, apply Touche Éclat on the eyelids area and under the arch.
If you want glow look with blemish coverage, apply Touche Éclat on outer, inner, between cheekbones and lips corner.
If it’s not glowing enough, gently apply Touche Éclat above the cheekbones, bridge of nose and chin with your fingertips. Desire for pouty lips? Apply Touche Éclat around the lips area before or applying you lipstick.

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