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     It’s time to make over your working outfits with Autumn Winter 2016/2017 collection from Bottega Veneta. From the moment Jamie Bochert opened the Bottega Veneta show wearing a long black cashmere coat, black turtleneck, slim, very slightly flared pants, and a long and skinny knitted scarf wound around her neck implied that “Here’s the winter fashion from sophisticated lady!”
Tomas Maier’s lean silhouettes, chiffon dresses and oversized coats were about revealing “their complexity to those who wear them” .This collection is ineffable chic of a mother or grandmother’s ’50s wardrobe; the hidden nod to teen memories of what felt good about the ’70s luxury. The warmth felt from cashmere (not only 1%, of course this is Bottega Veneta) and he provided such perfectly cut tailoring.Included A-line skirt and finest wool tartans plus transparent sequins. Tomas Maier is a fanatic about pushing modern techniques. New Italian machinery has brought about a revolution in knitting which demonstrate the way he values a woman’s dynamic with her own femininity. The power of independence and sophist has turned Kendall Jenner, our beloved model doesn’t look that young anymore. She’s growth and GLAM! His is a collection which separates the women from the girls. You suddenly realized that you must aspire to be old enough to wear these clothes. Sophisticate looks combine with flamboyant clutch which made for the party in your freaky Friday night! So go girls!

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