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Brands , Top Spenders and Priority

top spend

Fashion nowadays seems like popular trend derived by an election of actors, actresses, artists and influencers in fashion society as the brands tend to offer distinguished fashion items with an attractive amount of premium to those fashion people in terms of indirect marketing. Definitely, some people would agree on such offers, still some of them choose not to accept as they have no desire to make let the brands to be their guideline as it’s supposed to be, so they tend to bring in their instincts to express their intention.

It can be said that some customers are likely to cling to the brand they fond of as a brand addictive, never let go of such brand to other trendy one at that time. One thing that you may not realize is you might be a victim of marketing unawarely in fashion boundary, right before you even know it happens. Anyway, what has mentioned above was only the introduction, not what we’re going to discuss today, but to remind the to-be-victim shoppers in the fashion world that once they realize, they found themselves in a huge pile of credit card bills. As I said that what I’ve mentioned above was only the reminder for all of the shoppers. Now it’s finally a time to get start to the topic!

How Top Spender and Priority related? Exactly they are! Such relationship is that the benefits of a huge amount of customers’ spending to those retail companies such as LVMH or Kerrings that both desire to earn profits from their own group companies. Such marketing strategies of those companies that encourage the customers to pay are such like invitation and persuasion to buy the brands’ items. Absolutely that the Top Spenders are the priority while spending money on the collection with a long list of privileges such as Private Fitting as some brand would stand in front of the customers’ house ringing the doorbell or you are also able to make an appointment with the brands if you’re one of the Top Spenders or the brands’ A list customers.

Most top customers are likely to be the top front millionaires, billionaire businesspersons and absolutely that the privileges they receive are beyond your imagination. As I experienced from being a customer of Burberry, the privileges could be such as the invitation for chocolate making class with highly-experienced chef, floral class, or even the invitation for brand’s presentation that some customers would fly across the land to visit fashion shows in that seasons. Such marketing is already planned by the brands for those wealthy customers.

If you desire to be a part of Burberry fashion show at London Fashion Week, as I got an information from Burberry, Thailand branch, you need have an amount of THB 1.5 million spending within 3 months. Many brands would invite the Top Spenders to participate in Fashion Week, even some brands would be responsible for the hotel expenses or business class flight ticket as well.

If you are only an ordinary customer with such power to purchase, would you be ready to be one of the Top Spenders or the A list customer with the condition that you need to collect your spending to meet the reach the purchase volume of any brands. In case that you desire to be one of the Top Spenders, try asking the brand for information on the purchasing goal so that you can have a goal for shopping as well.

However, just remind that you are still an important customer for the brand, only the differences will be seen often as while you’re waiting in the line at Louis Vuitton in Champs Elysee, Chanel shop at Cambon or Hermes in Faubourg, those A list customers would walk fast track as they’re first class passengers enter to the shop and do their shopping. In some case, those customers no need to wait for the waiting list items as the brands would offer you prior and it’s so common that they need to take care of these groups of customers but don’t be fed up with that, because the brands will always welcome every customers as they’re always even the distinction could be found.

Some customer said “This is not so fair. Sometimes I have to wait for hours to do shopping but these people can walk in easily.” That’s the way it is, just have to take it easy and chill. So that’s some of my story about the Top Spenders! Will keep on an update!

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