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       #FrontRowOnly this is not a joke because Karl really did it! Although this season Karl didn’t make a cinematic runway as he always did in 2-3 years ago but he arranged the classic golden chairs into a front row for 2,000 seats, watching models file by in the Fall 2016 Chanel NON-set set.This is the way collections were shown to clients in couture houses way before catwalks were invented—so in a sense, this was both a down-to-earth presentation fit for the “real” mood that’s sweeping through Paris fashion right now as well as a reminder of Chanel’s heritage.

           It felt-traditional Chanel in places, tweed suits, equestrian vibes and tiers and frills as far as the eye could see plus piles and piles of Chanel pearls but the collection had a 21st century edge, too, though. Classic Camilla x Emoji like patterns were hidden on bags and blouses, whilst the “quilted” eyes might become this season’s must-wear make up trend and puffer coat which might be a must have item for this Fall. With Bowler hat and riding boots in fifty shade of pink. I’m not kidding we have from pinky blush, salmon until fuchsia. The second half are more sensible winter shades. Camel, almost-black-brown. Moreover Camellias and black ribbons make you feel sooo CHANEL but Karl made it much casual by adding raw-edge denim. Curved line patterns and 80’s constructed are what Karl did as if he tried to convince us about the power of women which is what Madame Coco revolted the style of women and stood for it since the 20’s. And now Karl never makes her regrets, he, still, continues her intention, the beliefs that women are created to be on her own. She can be and wears whatever she wants, for no one but herself.

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