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Crêperie du Sacré Cœur , Paris


“life is journey , eats is happiness”

Well, life is journey is easy to understand but what is “eat is happiness”? Many people may wonder just like me. Surely, because to some people, actually many (million) people consider eat as their happiness.

Today, Birls is going to suggest a lovely crêpe shop in Paris for you, in case you have a chance to visit Paris, do not forget to experience this place. We are all know that when we visit Paris, we will go for sightseeing, taking picture or selfie to post it on Instragram that you friends can see and give you a big like. Many highlight of Paris would be in the top lists, and one of those names in the list would surely have Basillique du Sacré Cœur. Because if you are in Paris you would at least visit this place, once.Apart from the beautifully artistic of the external and internal architecture, there are many beautiful views that you can see it from Sacré Cœour which enable you to see view of all Paris. Sacré Cœour is another place, apart from Eifel tower, to see different view of Paris. Even many of the films makers did come to filmed at this location, such as Monte Carlo (2008) that Selena Gomez play lead role as well as Leigton Meestor queen B from Gossip Girl. Ok. Let’s not get carry away too much with that, because the place that I am going to suggest you today is nearby to Sacré Cœour, which this shop is in Montmartre market. (People who visit Sacré Cœour will always visit Montmartre, too.)

This little crêpe shop has exact name to word “crêpe”, but just added a little extra –rie. Thus, what would this shop call? … That is right, it is call creperie. (Seem like I am talking to myself.) This shop is not spectacular from outside, as it does not really look like restaurant, but with the big shop name in front along with menu and small window that allow you to see them cooking crêpe through the window, does help you to know that it is a restaurant. However, when you enter into the shop you will have to say “Woow”, because the decorations that look really artistically match to the Montmartre the artist market of Paris. Shop is decorate by testimonial paper that the paper say “I’ve been here” by those who visited. And there are lots and lots of them. These testimonials are all over the place, which make it become a really interesting decoration.

This shop has only one staff that is the owner and there are few people sit in the shop. When I sat down at the table, then shop owner bring menu to me and quickly walk to cooked, and again, serve other table. Firstly, I thought there would be more staffs, but after observed for a while I understand that the owner do all the work from taking order, cooking, serves, washing and also cashier; all by his own. (I do not know if he would have more staffs on other days. May be I was jackpot to visited the shop on the day that we lack of staffs.)

Therefore, this shop is for those who are not in rush (may have to wait 40 minutes up to an hour) Many people may have think that would 1 person do all the work fast enough?, not fast?, why slow?. If you have a chance to visit this place you will understand that he was doing all thing calmly and seem very creative just like the shop decoration (It would take me ages to stick all the feedback paper up), but this give us special atmosphere of easy relax pace. This is the shop that Birls would like to suggest. In overall I would give score 9 out of 10, because delicious food, not expensive and, importantly, I’ve got a great picture form the shops to post onto Instragram. (Nothing really, the point is pictures to post on IG. Happy right?)

Who have a chance to visit Montmartre, Paris do not forget to go and try at this shop. Finally, please do not forget to be a part of shop’s decoration by writing on the paper and stick it on, which Birls (during visit the fashion week with was not forget to be part of it, too.

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