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       After Raf Simons said goodbye at Christian Dior due to the pressure and some other reasons. So the maison needs to find somebody to fit in and that takes time, they still find someone to work for. You know, finding the creative director of the legendary of fashion, Christian Dior, is not that easy. As Marina and the Diamonds sang “The good is never easy, the easy is never good.[Love is never happened like it really should]” But nothing can stop even when they can’t find the new creative director yet, the show must goes on. Thus the responsibilities were sent to two Swiss designers, Serge Ruffieux and Lucie Meier, who worked on haute couture, to handle the Winter 2016 collection.

      Do you ever wonder what happen in the place that time was distorted? Dior knows it as key word ‘Timelapse’. At the Louvre’s Cour Carrée. The house built yet another grandiose set, this time interspersing giant silver baubles as entrances to a facade mirroring the Louvre.And the front row was filled by the A-list audiences as always such as Jessica Alba, Natalia Vodianova, Olivia Palermo and Kris Jenner who came to watch her daughter, Kendall Jenner also made her first Dior catwalk appearance, in an off-the-shoulder mink-collared dress.

      This show was young, strict in its long opening period of black, and cute when little floral prints were inspired by a Christian Dior print of ice cream (literally), Black silhouettes as crisp as the sheets of white paper on which they spring to life: dense, textured, embroidered and quilted. There follow hand-painted velvets, re-colored jacquards inspired by one of Monsieur Dior’s iconic sketches. Necklines play on sensual allure; the shoulder is draped. Moreover The influence of men’s tailoring and work clothes accentuate the determined stride of an urban jungle explorer. Peplums are asymmetrical and sometimes exaggerated; large pockets on workwear and wide, buttoned martingales offer up a new interpretation of the lines on the Bar suit.

      Take a detailed look at the accessories of this Dior woman as she asserts her femininity and has fun mixing the shapes and materials of her functional bags. They’re entirely embroidered or in exotic leather, ostrich, crocodile and lizard mixed together to create an aesthetic friction.

      Looks etch out the contours of femininity in movement, capturing the electric attitude of a rebellious Parisienne on a mission to master untamed territory. Eccentric, whimsical, adorned. She is seductive. Assertive. Fun-loving. All in all the question remains. ever Who’s the next creative director of Dior, the guessing game is fun even Papi Karl Lagerfeld joined and he predicted that would be Sarah Burton but only God and LVMH know. And however who come and goes, Birls will definitely update to you! So stay tune

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