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Dior Homme – Spring Summer 2017

dior homme

Welcome to Dior Fun Fair from a collection of Dior Homme for Spring/Summer 2017 by Kris Van Assche. The show revisited the atmosphere of the Sinksenfoor amusement park in Antwerp, Belgium. Inspired by the attitude of the young Antwerpers who gather at the amusement park at dusk, Kris Van Assche chose to have the models for his summer 2017 show walk through an installation punctuated with multicolored light bulbs. All curves and loops and steep slopes, rising from a runway made of metal plates, it recalls the structure of a roller coaster.

The guests are celebrities, as always. Karl Lagefeld was there,too. He joined Dior Homme’s Fall/wWinter16 campaign stars A$AP Rocky and Larry Clark who also appeared at the show.

In Milan Fashion Week, adventure and discovery of the world outside is the main trend. So does in Paris. There were the runaway youth here too. It was a journey into subcultural style inspired by “order and disorder”. Van Assche likes to mix his references, blurring lines and making unexpected connections, like the sleek suits with oversized skater trousers trailing, or sporty parkas infused with the graphics.

Being ordinary is too boring, when you’re know you are different and truly now what you want without caring what people think.The collection’s main point of reference was subculture, with Van Assche serving up a mishmash of references from an array of different gangs : Goth boys, Punk, Rave and a little fetishy vibes. Some models had their outfits accessorised with bondage harnesses, where black and red straps were joined together with shiny silver O rings. They came under suits and over vests, and there were even miniature versions, worn on the hands.

There were oversized, JNCO-style trousers with huge pockets and straps that referenced skaters and crusty ravers, punkish cut-off trousers, lace-up boots and black nail polish, steampunk style mirrored shades, and a classic gothic colour scheme of black and red. “This season there is a sense of collective consciousness to the collection – a remix of shared boyhood memories,” said the designer in the show notes. “I am interested in a synthesis of generations and filtering subcultures through my own lens to tell a new story.”
The finest cut suit combined with sport wear. A progressive silhouette warps perceptions of formality. The techniques are sublime from punk embroideries to sportswear cords and peeling prints, materials and standout details of the Dior Homme summer 2017 collection, such as
eyelets, sports lacing, staples, and screen-printed suiting wools disrupt any expectations of the two-piece suit. To sum up, Dior Homme is so youthful that we totally forgot that this maison is 70 years old and we love it.

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