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Direct-to-Consumer Will it work?


In a world where information drives faster and faster through the Internet and Social Media, Could something we know as well as “Fashion System” continue to work properly and effectively? While every brand, no matter which sizes, are struggling to bring as much attention as possible from consumers and to make, also, as much as possible sales. This system has been up and running for more than we could remember.

It is the way every single person in this industry work. This system fitted us all into a box that no one has never been dared enough to get out of. Until now, several brands are taking a step out of the system box into a new business model that we all have been heard of for couple months, the “See Now, Buy Now” system or aka “Runway to Retail”, aka “Direct to Consumer”.

“See Now, Buy Now” is opening a new era of doing business in the fashion industry, while this generation of people are on digital devices, fashion brands need to follow their customers’ behavior. Most of their consumers don’t come to watch their shows at the fashion week, but instead, sitting in front of computers, watching the show online or being on Snapchat to see which show featured Kendall Jenner as their model? So while this current fashion week is happening (which most brands from the “old” system is presenting their Spring-Summer 2017 collection) they, these brands with this new system is presenting their Fall-Winter 2016.

“These Brands” that we mentioned here includes Burberry and Tom Ford as the leaders, followed by Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Thakoon. (As you can see, except Burberry, these are New York based Brands)

For daring to step out of the box, we’re just wondering to question them about this new system they created for themselves, how does it operate? While other people in the industry has their own calendar for their old system? And while the customers might already make up their mind what to shop 6 months before they even show the see-now-buy-now collection, how will they draw attention from them?

This season Christopher Bailey, who now is the CEO of Burberry, presented the fall collection again for the direct-to-consumer model after presented another prior fall collection back in the first quarter of this year. And for this latest collection, the inspiration came from the biographical novel by Virginia Woolf called “Orlando” which represented by the gender fluid style with several historical-inspired looks for both men and women.

While Tom Ford brought back the retro-ish 70s vibe mixed with his signature classic and sophisticated style for his first see-now-buy-now collection this fall-winter. It has been quite a long break after presented his 2016’s spring-summer collection using a music video featured Lady Gaga as both model and singer for the video without an actual runway show.

No matter which business model a brand use, in this meantime of economy, every brand has to work its way out. The answer of any question about the new system cannot be answered right now at this moment, which is just a new beginning of another page of fashion industry. After this we sure can observe, wait and see how it is going to turn out. Will there be any designers follow into this new model or will these designers decide to take a turn back into the old system.

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