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   This season, the makings were inspired by “1920s shifts, ’30s bias-cut gowns, ’40s tailoring,” From the dream girl’s bucket list, in the golden time of Hollywood era, the 30’s, all of girls wanted to become a star on the silver screen. What are they supposed to do? The answer is being chic and then audition!
Erdem Moralioglu said after the show “I imagined old Hollywood and a girl getting ready to go to an audition,” he explained.“It was all about these women putting their best foot forward for this moment in their lives. Women trying to be something else.”

     Moralioglu loves a narrative but while this storytelling was profound, the joy of these clothes were how singularly wearable they were. Hems were shorter, the silhouettes looser and a little undone.Dresses skimmed the body in 1940s silhouettes and in sheer chiffon. The tailoring was gentle, flattering and embroidered with flowers, a golden “tinsel” skirt made from a brocade. After a few seasons in a long-line dress with narrow bodices, the Erdem woman seemed a more sensual, cooler-looking creature. If this collection was an audition for my wardrobe, embroidered chiffon geometric panels dress and pale leather opera gloves would get the job. About the accessories, shoes varied from metallic block heeled flats to clashing patterned boots which were worn with midi-length dresses and a delightfully comfy looking pair of mules, while models wore grey leather gloves that snaked half way up their arms.

     They said “we dress to express AND impress” that is true to be happy from inside and nice attitude makes you look great especially when glamour and surrealism held out hopes and dreams on the silver screen, Erdem can help you! So you just find one perfect Erderm dress that you like, being as who you are and 5-4-3-2-1, LIFE Action!

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