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Gucci – Spring Summer 2017

gucci ss17 m

Spring/Summer 2017 must be the season of travelling. How did I know? When Milan menswear fashion week focused on travelling and exploration. What we see are psycho backpackers who heading to Mars at Prada, chilling by the pool under the fur and sun as wandering into David Hockney’s painting at Fendi or flying to Nepal at Moschino but after all the trip the everyone waiting for is Gucci.

Menswear collection which took us back to the Chinese dynasty discovered by the same quirky beloved archeologist, Alessandro Michele. “I like the idea of a journey, like Marco Polo,” said Michele backstage. “I hate travelling but there are many ways to do it, whether in your mind, or in changing the tapestry of a chair, or through the pages of a book.” There was certainly something transportational about the green-hued venue and the feeling that you weren’t in Kansas anymore. It’s emerald-city set!

The exploration of the Chinese royal’s closet : lavish satin kimono, richly embroidered velvet coat, Mandarin collar with embroidered floral and dragon and Chinese knot. As though we had been hit at head and woke up in China but speaking Gucci and Alessandro’a native language.

The silhouettes were romantic with 70’s vibes. With his eclectic, more-is-more approach throwing together historical references, Seventies silhouettes, beadwork, embroidery, chinoiserie and everything in between. It was a dizzying, wholly seductive mix. Matching military coats, tuxedos with contrast white shawl collar and bombers that were all riddled with appliqué, custom-made embellishment which exciting us so bad. And some of female model looks had appeared but they were concord as if they came from the same person’s closet, the royal’s closet! Who cares if this is a menswear collection, any gender can wear Gucci if they want. That’s Alessandro’s philosophy to being yourself who you truly want to be.

It’s a very dreamy faraway world and crazy! When east meets west and our favourite character, Donald Duck featuring in exquisite woven Chinese jacquard which portrays the lifestyle of Chinese people while Donald Duck running and exploring the great China. And put some more joy, com models wear Donald Duck sweater vests, lace tights and Napoleon-like paper-boy caps.

Holding original GG canvas handbags and rucksack which can save your life.
The accessories are to die for such as pale pink serpentine velvet slippers and leather gladiators. I’ve seen tons of loafers, lavish embroideries and interlocked G logos. The collection represented a sense of discovery, the beauty of experiencing the unknown and being exposed to new layers of reality.

Gucci’s journey into a brave new world has most definitely paid off. Remember, travelling in different way is a message from Alessandro Michele,you can go to anywhere by your imagination. So what is your dream destination? I’ve mine now. To clue, you don’t have to go far away for a wonderful trip. The Gucci store is near more than you think, much more wonderful when you can own your custom-made jacket. So just go and grab your Gucci!

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