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     Since Alessandro Michele became Gucci Creative Director, it seems like the golden era of gucci is brought back. Gucci used the same theme, vintage. Gucci brought everyone back to the past when the clothes were widely popular and make them more comtemporary by using specific technique that has everyone falling in love with. Each shade of clothes expresses different attitudes and emotions. For this collection, the main shade that Gucci chose is Hot Red. Significantly, this shade never disappear from the world of fashion. The design still keeps the concept of vintage. The vintage painting on the wall, which is inspired from Vintage movie, is used in the collection. Tartans Coat and Vintage suit, which is embroided with sequin and cape, are also used in the collection. The special thing in the Gucci collection is adding a well-known cartoon character Snoopy in the collection. The other adorable thing in the collection is a bear knit hat which I think it might be on the wishlist and will be out of stock like it occured in London for sure

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