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     Louis Vuitton is one of the most anticipated brands. Everyone has waited to see what Kim Jones will create for menswear fw 16/17 collection. The wait is over. When gray sheet, which is set to be a background for the show, flew like it was carried by the wind, the models walk on the runway wearing Kim Jones dresses. It was like the dress says “Hi, I’m Louis Vuitton.” Kim jones doesn’t disappoint us as always. She still keeps the same concept from SS16 collection “Volez Voguez Voyagez”. The classic and luxury dress is inspired from special journeys. Plus, the printing is used in the collection. LV symbol is used on the jacket to keep masculinity of a young boy who is ready to explore LV new destination. The other things that got everyone impressing is jewelry which Kim Jones uses them to complete the look. Belts, LV symbol, earrings, necklace or even FW 16 bags still make Louis Vuitton stay on the throne as the king of Hi-end world and there are no possibility to fall down. I’m so tired because LV always has me spending my money every season. However, I think it’s worth because Louis Vuitton works is so impeccable. So, that’s all for today, ( feels like I’m TV show host or something) because I’ve got to earn some money to spend in the next two or three months. By the way, I’ve got a confession. I’ve spent a lot of money during fashion week so I have to work and save money because I don’t want to be Rebecca Bloomwood from Confession of Shopaholic.
See ya!

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