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Maison Margiela – Spring Summer 2017

margiela men ss17

The pulchritude for Maison Margiela at the fashion shows Menswear SS17 was considered to be the fashion show that brought a runway to be among the embrace of marble sculptures; Ecole de Medicine was selected to be the historical place for the collection.

The interesting idea of this collection is that many clothes were like they’re incomplete as they’re many sketch of chalk made by tailor as well as Half Jacket that looks like it has been done only half. It seems like John just could not wait any longer so he just put the clothes to show on a runway? Absolutely not, it is a Margiela style or the style that has been used by Margiela for long time since Margiela; the anonymous has been the owner of the house.

In order to reflect the idea of attenuation but still remain meticulousness with the production skills in the collection, John has applied eleven leg in this collection with khaki skin-tight bodysuit, navy blue pants matches with light khaki shirt or simply trench with small details in Margiela styles such as a tiny square label at the corner of the coats (vintage tag) and Chelsea shoes.

The collection also contains with a pretty print in some looks which makes the collection more interesting such as the printing of fox in the yard. As always, John has perfectly taken the Margiela to the collection (seems like he’s getting back together with Margiela after the criticism in Artisonal SS16).

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