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Nicolas leaving Louis Vuitton, Rumor or Truth?

nicols depart

“You may leave the runway” a common saying by the host of popular reality “Project Runway”. As though a present fashion industry that it’s impossible to consider only a demand of designer as the investors commonly expect a number of billion profits like what Miranda Presley from Devil wears Prada used to mention that “Fashion industry has a value of billions. What if a number of profits are undesirable? The investors definitely will seek for the cause of such regression and at there is a variety of reasons nowadays such as an economic crisis that many brands encounter.

In this case, designer should be the one who considered as a cause and the brands’ executive must have a lot of confidence towards the brands’ potential. What if it happens to Louis Vuitton? A rumor that Nicolas Ghesquière; Miss Vuitton’s Chief or Bernard Arnault big boss of luxury retails and a leader of LVMH are planning to designate Jonathan Anderson; creative director of LOEWE; a brand under the control of LVMH, as a new designer of Louis Vuitton. It also seems like Delphine Arnault; Bernard’s elder daughter who acts as a Vice President is completely agrees with the plan which emphasizes her alias as an Iron Lady of fashion business. If this rumor is the truth, Nicholas’s better pack his stuff and walk out of the house quietly before the order. However, it’s claimed by media that Nicholas may leave for working on his own brands according to his previous interview which reminds us of Raf Simons that left Dior last year. (Dying to see Ghesqière Label and wish it comes soonest!)

It seems quite not easy and undesirable for LVMH to get rid of Ghesquière for a better profits situation. But if the rumor is true, I believe that a genius like Ghesquière will definitely express his vision and LVMH’s executive must be regret. Anyway, it’s right now only a rumor as LVMH has opened up that his contract will be continued to 2018, but still rumors often become true. They said a contract might be tearing up, but however, Birls will keep you update and report!

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