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Prada – Spring Summer 2017

prada men ss17

Mens Fashion Week in Milan showed that every man will love outdoor in the upcoming summer. Okay, don’t look at me like that. I mean the adventure and going out, living like men who yearn for challenging experience and exploring the new world. And Prada is one of the show that made we feel excited. For SS17 collection was about a very different kind of journey. And when Prada starts a journey, it’s equally turbulent but much, much, more modern.

Last season Men’s show, Miucia Prada took us to the trip oversea, setting the scene for a story of lost love and the sea, sailors and treacherous mistresses in the historical moments. Full of meaning and memories of past. And Prada has an intensively deep-rooted DNA, no matter it’s all about past,present or the future. Prada loves exploring and travelling. That is a major of men’s collection for Spring/Summer 2017 and a Resort collection for women, the travellers of modern-day take a trip on acid with Prada. It’s very common that Miucia Prada never brings up the same story, the magic of hers is that from season to season you never know what you’ll get next and she’s never disappoint us. Still, Prada faced the problem that its net income decreasing 27 per cent to €330.9m in the year to January. Thus, this is what Prada needs to do is backing on track! Remember that legendary black nylon backpack that Miucia invented in 1984? It changed Prada from Italian leather brand into the fashion house, resetting the perception of luxury, subverting the idea of status. It was, above all else, utilitarian. And that’s emerging as an underlying theme of the Spring 2017 season. Tadaa, vivid nylon rucksacks for Prada’s backpackers.

The backpacker’s essentials are lightweight tech fabrics, cagoules, windbreakers and a curious socks-and-sandals combo – combined with rucksacks jangling with camping kit such as the shiny patent shoes, jelly sandals, charms, toggles, flasks, whistles and every minutiae of accessory in between that hung from rucksacks. Moreover, if you go hiking with Prada, don’t you dare forget bringing the heels too, dangling regardlessly on your rucksacks.You know, that’s the way we survive!

This collection described “Wanderlust” well, evoking the human desire for unbounded adventure and a searching spirit of optimism. “Wanderlust” recaptures the men and women from the Prada SS17 catwalk in the extreme, where the ethereal calm of backstage yields to the outdoors aglow in psychedelic light,as if making their way through some kind of psychedelic train station. Prada’s travellers traipsed along with vast rucksacks on their backs and plenty of straps and belts wrapped around them. The idea of a man carrying his life on his back and being somewhat ‘placeless’ is what Miucia Prada believed. She always emphasised the commonality in diversity. The issue is no longer vulnerability; it’s survival, regardless of gender, race, colour or creed. And of course, cultural exchange which obviously seen by the playful emoji prints: buddha, Taj Mahal, elephant and many exotic elements that win the backpackers’ hearts.

In addition, the realistic rainbow resource map print onto nylon parkas and cartoonish flower print.And the tourist pastiche that we used to raise our eyebrows , the sock worn with the technical sandal,it’s a combination that’s been everywhere this season. Prada took us to the middle of nowhere or somewhere like Mars or moon. We never know what the real Miucia’s destination is, She is the queen of individual.

Wanderers hardly care that how they suppose to look great during journey,
so silhouette was narrow, streamlined, go-faster, with tight trousers or knit leggings giving a sporty flair as the models hiked up a metal mesh mountain in their Prada climbing gear. Everything must be practical. Yet, Prada has created the effortless cool backpacker looks,another level of traveller’s ecstasy. Are you ready for this far-fetched adventure?

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