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    For the Prada FW1 2016/2017 collection both the menswear and womenswear, Prada is clear in making sure that both are accessible in the same way. What is meant by this is that both the menswear and womenswear is almost like one collection except for the fact that it was male model showcasing the clothes during the Milan Men fashion and women model for the Milan Fashion Week. In this collection we might get a chance to see the graphic designs by Miuccia. The brand has worked in collaboration with artist Christopher Chermin, his work is filled with fantasy stories. In terms of the actual clothes, Prada in and of itself is a brand that is most definitely considered to be in ‘s’ class in terms of styles, with the queen of ideas, ‘Madame Prada’ governing the throne. In this collection Madame Prada brings the audience to experience the journey as though they you are on the top deck of the boat and taking in the journey and love throughout your animal-hunting trip in the Indian Ocean and America

  It can easily be seen that the men’s cloths in this collection resemble that of a sailor. This can be seen through the animal fur coat, the checkered pattern leather coat that has a vintage feel and looks as though it has gone through it’s own journey across many different far away places. There is also the large wool clothing, shirts with large collars, or oversized shirts, the trouser with leather patchwork, the mohair trousers to be worn with a coat, and this look is made complete with the accessories Prada style. These accessories include a complimentary suite either made from mohair or colored sharing, small bags that can be hung on the belt loops are cute items and worthy of being idea coming from the design queen.

     On the women’s side, the graphic prints on the cloths maintain the same concept to that of the mens. However, Prada often gives the women more importance because Madame mentioned that women are more sophisticated than men, therefore naturally a women’s cloth will be more intricate. Such as a the wool coat that is decorated with large sized cloth buttons or a large coat pocket, a dress that made using elegant jacquard floral print cloth, leather coat that has the same vintage look as the men’s collection but with more detail like using fur to decorate the rims of the coat or jacket. Furthermore there are wool coats with checkered patterns and a long dress made from velvet cloth. What can be seen the women’s collection is more detail along with printed patterns that are playful and colorful, whether it is on a coat or a skirt. There is the use of unique skill work, such as the patchwork of printed pattern cloth on golden jacquard cloth on a dress, skirt, and coat. In order to make it even more interesting, there is also the use of accessories including necklaces that are like mini bag decorated with metal, a belt that has mini bags on them, a sailor-style hat, decorative corset (you must be skinny to wear it and look pretty), legging, and wool gloves to complete the look. A point that cannot be dismissed when talking of large brans from Milanese is bags. In this collection, Prada focused particularly on cross body bags that are beautifully designed both in nylon and exotic crocodile skin, and you can’t predict which series will be made using normal leather. There are also some bag that Prada has selected from the runway as #seenowbuynow products like what other brands are beginning to do. Prada has gone forward and started doing this type of sales. Surely if you are a Prada fan, you have come to terms with the fact that you will probably have to be spending loads of money, with the accessories collection such as necklaces, jewelry, glasses, and a number of clothing items to select from. Birls has also secretly selected certain items form Prada FW 16/17 for you to see and determine which item you need to have both in the men’s and women’s collection.

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