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The scene is Calvin Klein when Raf simons Confirmed his career

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It’s a drama through the year of hard-working and hard-shopping Dior’s fans created only by Raf Simons as he has bid farewell Maison Dior after the end of collection SS16 in October 2015 with embellished show decorated by 200,000 flowers which been grown through another year. The incident, at the same time, came with numerous questions from media asking for his decision.

A popular reason would be he wanted to create his own brand as same as Wang and Balenciaga but the difference is Wang is not able to make profit for Balenciaga, on the other hand, he has made a lot of profit for Dior and it is understandable that he desires to be in his peaceful state rather than making money.

Even he has taken a break from Dior; still he continues making his own brand which is a presently fashionistas’ definition. His rumor about a new brand he will be working for has coming out daily and later on, his rumor has come true as he will leave his home in Europe to the US for working with Calvin Klein with his new position as Chief Creative Officer, responsible not only or Womenswear or Menswear but cover the product lines of jeans, underwear, home and jewelry of Calvin Klein for the brand’s correlation.

It is said to be the greatest change since Calvin Klein has founded as the news that Raf Simons moving to Calvin Klein released, and NY Times Fashion criticized this incident under the topic “Is Raf Simons too expensive for Calvin Klein”. However, we have to keep an eye on it and not to decide on the cost as Raf must already know before signing the contract with such steep value. Calvin Klein is somehow suitable with what he is and it’s time to set up new age of the brand.

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