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Shine Bright by your hair


Barbie is girl’s best friend, you knew that and we adored Barbie and set her as the most beautiful girl in our world when we was kid. With her blonde hair and blue-eyed. Before the color TV was invented, we adored the actress with her face or her acting skill but when we knew how to put the colours onto the screen either our hair. Everything had changed. We can see the colour and brighter can change your look or even your life! Even Marilyn Monroe who had naturally curly reddish-brown hair, dyed her hair into a platinum blonde.Then she became the sexiest girl on earth and everyone thinks of her when we talk about blonde-haired girl.

Especially Barbie doll were produced in 1959, every girl were crushed in this stereotype beauty and started bleaching their hair. Don’t raise your eyebrow because there’s only 2 per cent of human population that have natural blonde hair. Bright hair makes you outstanding and more remarkable. Today, Birls will find out that why bright hair is so fine.

The icons like Madonna or Britney Spears urged the girls to want to be like them, that’s what icons did, cool and inspirational. When we talk about bright hair singer we always mention to Courtney Love Lady Gaga Christina Aguilera or Gwen Stefani who has natural platinum blonde hair. In the 90’s, Gwen dyed her hair into pink and light blue which everlasting in our memory.

But in this digital era, the bright hair singers must be mama monster, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Blonde is too typical? Yes, teenage girls nowadays have more fun with hair colour changing. There’re many hair dye or wax to buy in the market. When Nicki Minaj, Grimes and Sky Ferreira are enjoy changing their hair as well. Not only music industry but also fashion’s.

Bright hair colors have been trendy for awhile now, with models like Charlotte Free and Chloe Nørgaard breaking onto the fashion scene in 2011 and 2012 respectively and pretty much shocking us all when designers wanted to book them for shows and ad campaigns with their bright hair – when typically, most shows would never cast models that stuck out quite so much. Charlotte Free doubted in Jeremy Scott and Topshop Unique with her pink hair. What makes these ladies stand out from the modeling pack? Aside from legs for days and smizing that kills, it doesn’t take long to figure it out. It her attitude and signature! She’s ranked as The money girls in and her dynamic personality and beauty makes her the distinctive choice for brands as diverse as Maybelline and Chanel. And Chloe Nørgaard’s rainbow hair has been a constant among the fashion set since the days model. She walked for Ashish, Moschino and Rodarte. In addition, IT girl at this moment, Irene Kim, Korean model and Contempt + The Sublime blogger who has multi-colored bob that recently caught the eye of Stella McCartney for the brand’s campaign in 2015.
And in this 2016 we have Lucky Blue Smith and Fernanda Hin Lin Ly, whose distinctive shock of pale pink hair is impossible to miss. Vuitton was Ly’s first high-fashion gig. We’ve first seen her in Louis Vuitton’s runway Fall/Winter 2015 and keep asking who’s that girl? She looks as if she walking out off the animation.

The 18-year-old Australia native who fall in love in kawaii-ness.
The pretty rose pink shade saw her steal the show at her recent Fashion Week and let her signed an exclusive contract for Louis Vuitton during the last Paris Fashion Week, meaning she couldn’t work for any other brand during that period. See? now you can choose, Go pink or Go home!

This is the power of bright which might changes your life, shine bright your life with you outstandingly bright hair whether hight light or ombre are fun. If you’re afraid to the hair damage you can also find wig like king Kylie Jenner did. Don’t forget that good color starts with healthy hair. While bleaching your hair isn’t the best way to start, it is necessary to do in order to achieve a bright color. Unhealthy, damaged hair will not hold color well. Be patient with your journey from dark hair to colored hair. Make sure to nurture your hair. Hair mask and repair products are your best friends. And then I think you’re ready to shine bright like you hair! xoxo

Lady Gaga performing Hair from A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, tonight at 9:30pm on ABC. © 2011 Interscope

Written By EyeCosmic Pornchanok

Edited By Krist Krittawat , Editor In Chief

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