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      ‘You make romantic things and then you have a baby,’ Simone Rocha said backstage after her AW16 show. Baby Boom and Motherhood seem to be words that everybody mentioned when the saw the whole collection. This season Simone’s girls are not adolescents anymore. They are women. Femininity through inspiration from the trauma of birth and what we see are delicate organza apron slips that evoked ideas of the Victorian hospital, 1950s matron smocks with huge pockets. Stayed in hospital with her baby has inspired her a lot. With pink which we love and yes black! which she always had a way with , black provides the counterpoint to the sweetness of her work, create such a hauntingly beautiful Victorian goth punk dress.

      The combination between rouge and soft, tweed and tulle. Ruffle and lace, floral embroidery and fabric cut-outs… signature Simone Rocha. Silver shoes with intriguing bevelled crystal heels and Babouche shape shoes which are listed as the shoes of 2016. Many years ago they were called “ugly shoes” but Simone put some shimmery elements so those textures are adorable and tantalising us more than any other Babouche ever done!

And this is what I have to say “Mummy, I want it!”

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