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Taylor Swift : Mean Girls Moment!!!


Inspired by real life, the upcoming movie of 2016 couldn’t be any other but Mean girls, we can actually say that it is a real life movie that still going on without an end. The love story to become the tragedy of a couple to an world-class drama epic between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris (as you known well), Taylor Swift plays is implied as Regina George, acted by Rachel McAdams, from Mean girls; a high school girl artifice.

We can say that Taylor Swift has stolen a role “Regina George” from Rachel McAdams, how is that be? Taylor maybe the winner of this epic, or maybe Calvin, as he has well-known backups like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The media and fans are keeping an eyes on both and also be prepared for the hash tag. Me? #teamtalor only! I’m long for being Regina George, thank you 🙂

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