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Valentino – Couture Fall 2016

valentino couture

Maybe ‘make it last forever friendship never ends’ might be true but you’ll realise that nothing lasts forever, especially in fashion industry. And this has occurred withe mega Italian and femine-girl-crush brand like Valentino which operated by, co-creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli who had been working together for 20 years. After there’s a rumour that one has to move out from Valentino in order to be appointed as new creative director at another interregnum maison.

Unexpectedly, another rumour has come out that this maybe the last haute couture collection from Valentino. Really? Who knows but Pierpaolo just said to press after attended at Schiaparelli’s with his duo. About a new step at Valentino “I’m not ready, I’m super ready to make it. ” said Pierpaolo. So what would happen in the future? What Pierpaolo Piccioli is gonna do as sole creative director? Birls will report soon.

In this fall, every couture house is high racing as always, represents the epitome of high fashion. The explosion of craftsmanship and inspiration and Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli took us to C15th , Queen Elizabeth I era and William Shakespeare was alive. They brought up the modern era of Shakespearean couture included Elizabethan’s aka English Renaissance.The cast of characters treading the runway were princelings, princesses, and priests, all high white ruffs, doublets, bodices, puffed sleeves. I love the magic of the show and those couture techniques on a dramatic coat portraying the character of the persona through antique patchwork applications that took 1200 working hours to be perfectly stitched together.

The beadings details on the black sheer dress which embroidered in Shakespeare’s poem said “If you love me, I’m in your heart and if you hate me, I’m in your mind.” took over 580 hours of handmade craftsman ship and another interesting one is imposing taffeta dress characterized by 110 hours of hand painted fantastic animals is contrasted with an immaculate poplin collar. Moreover we can see an elegantly punk vibes in black nappa leather is knotted into a dress, leather boots and embellished pearl on leather choker. And a la finale, showed up a bold red taffeta dress adorned with a matching cape and black leather boots adds a dramatic yet punk flair to the mood.

Finest craftsmanship, with the palettes of black, white, gold and signature red. Contemporary romance is what they’re experts. This collection possess by dramatic vibe too. The Shakespearian romance in this dress titled “Grazia”; is a vision of pink chiffon and tulle “boule dress” delicately embroidered with hand painted flowers inspired by Juliette. Yet, titled “Grazia” instead “Juliette” which I assumed it would titled as the designer middle name for their last memorial co-designed collection.

Life is always be like this, people came into your life and then left but you know all the memories remain exceptionally an admirable one. So do the works of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the designer partner of more than two decades and 8 years at Valentino will be one of memorable moments of the maison Valentino.

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