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Viktor & Rolf – Couture Fall 2016

viktor rolf couture

After some super duo has just separated and started working as a sole creative director some duo still believe in “Two heads are better than one.” In this fall/winter 2016, Viktor & Rolf created haute couture collection which extraordinary as always. The coolest partner posted the video of preparing for their upcoming Haute Couture collection on their Instagram page. They ripped up the cloth from past seasons and collaged together. And when they teared those laces apart I was like “Omg noooo.” yet the result was the collection and it is impressive.They has used fabrics leftover from past seasons to create the haute-couture garments in its Autumn Winter 2016 collection.These past collections have included sculptural white garments made from Cubist facial features, broken picture frames filled with fabric from F/W 2015, and giant 3D flowers influenced by Vincent Van Gogh.The concept that recycling is used as a means of expression.

Rescuing elements from previous collections (aka unsold garments) and rework them into the signature structure of V&R. In addition, recycle is a good answer for what the world is facing right now, the global contamination and overflowing garbages problem. And just so you know, fashion industry is runner-up for generated garbages to the world. (No. 1 is oil and petroleum industry). And Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren believe that couture can create beauty out of everything. Also, this choice obviously raises the issues of ecology and durability. Destroying pieces from their archive as chronicled and reinventing of old things helps them designing a more durable future.In the collecion, some of the garments combined hundreds of different fabrics.Thin strips were woven and braided to form patchworks of material, which unfurled at the ends to better show the separate colours and patterns more clearly.Patches of multicoloured buttons covered pockets, knees and cuffs, with some stitched across entire garments.The clothes got larger and more voluminous, as more and more tulle was used to form layered skirts.

The collection is named after the vagabonds of British novelist Charles Dickens’ tales of Victorian London. In the stories, homeless vagrants like the characters Fagin and the Artful Dodger from Oliver wandered around the city in roughed-up fancy attire. The models in top hat and there’s Victorian vibes here military coat and denim embellished with buttons and the fabric mixed up and woven by hand to create new textures. The homeless couture with giant explosions of tulle and sweatshirts with prominent logos of Puma or Coca-Cola were reinvented too.

About shoes department are practical, at Christian Dior’s show, there were Roman black sandals too. And black brogues and ankle socks were answer from Viktor & Rolf, wearable and modern which take on couture fashion contrasted with voluminous garments and giant silhouettes. All in all, it was a breathtaking moment of craftsmanship yet save the environment. To say the least , Viktor & Rolf is a highlight of couture week so far.

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