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In the morning, Parisian girl couldn’t get away from croissant, just like, English breakfast as in UK style, or even American breakfast for the office girl who addicted to high heel shoes with their swiftly spinning world, they will always have the bread beside them. But if you eat bread every day and change from a girl size 2 to become a girl size 6, then that something we cannot help. At last the bread would be digested and transform into sugar (we will become just like Krist, she wear size 10, chitchat, she is on diet and we are waiting to see if she would loss much of her weight by performing according to my tips). Have you ever heard that “You don’t alter Vera Wang to fit you. You alter yourself to fit Vera Wang. But what is more important is what our brasseries girls choose to eat wisely? The whole wheat bread is the answer, because it made of whole grain cereals that were not whitening and polishing. There are rice nose that has fiber, vitamins and minerals. Well, if there is someone who is on diet, you may understand that to eat vegetable purely is unacceptable. Here we are the best supplement available.

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